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Lefkada Sights Town of Lefkas
Lefkas’ town has a light construction with a unique style to their houses and vibrant colors. Especially, when the sun bathes them, they are easy on eye. The cobblestone streets with their beautiful decoration of houses and the lovely flowers create a pleasant sensation that you will not want to end. The evening, when the sun goes down, we suggest you to enjoy this spectacle in one of many cafes on the beach. Lefkas stands out for its history as an integral part of Greek culture with the participation of the major historical events such as the Persian wars and the campaign of Alexander the Great.
It is a big mountainous village in a overgrown forest. Karia is famous for its long history in embroidery. Here was born karsanika embroidery and became known in Greece with great value today. It is worth to visit and see closely this art. Also you can buy from local shops gorgeous embroidery. Furthermore, Karia is the ideal destination for those who want to combine mountain and sea with much coolness beneath the perennial plane trees.
It is the highest village in Lefkas, located at an altitude of 730m. Because it is surrounded by mountains took the name Eglouvi. It is said that is one of the oldest villages of Lefkas with much beauty that will surprise every visitor. The most important thing of this village is the lentil growing with many international awards and the uniqueness of the variety that they produce.
Phonograph Museum
It is a private museum in the heart of the city with rare items and gears. There is a large collection of phonographs. For you dealing with that subject will surely leaves you a beautiful memory.
Archaeological Museum
The archaeological museum of Lefkas is located within the city and specifically in the cultural center. There are rare finds from the Middle Paleolithic era and up to the first Roman times. It is worth a visit to see closely various tools, jewellery, ceramics and many kinds of unique aesthetics and functionality of that era.
Folklore Museum
It founded in 1937 at the old town of Lefkas. There is a collection of rare artifacts from the daily routine of citizens. If you are fond of these exhibits, there is in the village Kavalos, one of the best folklore museum which worth visiting.
Ecclesiastical Museum of Faneromeni convent
Just outside the town of Lefkas( 4km) in Faneromeni’s convent housed the ecclesiastical museum in a newly built 2 storey building. Unique artifacts from the temples of the island, church supplies, works of art, elements from various temples and manuscripts constitute a rare puzzle of that era.
Akrotiri Lefkata or Mistress’ cave
In the southern part of the island you will find the cape of Lefkada, a famous monument of antiquity for the tragic fate of poet Sapfo. By all accounts, she jumped to the sharp rocks and ended her life. From this point people fell to commit suicide or made human scarifies to appease god Apollo. The lighthouse was built by French and its view is fantastic. It looks like the bow of a ship bound for the opposite islands Cephalonia and Ithaca.
Dimosaris’ canyon “waterfalls”
The Dimosaris’ canyon, just 2km from Nidri, is the ideal destination after the maritime exploration of the day. The coolness prevails and the incredible beauty of the nature will reward you for your choice. As you crossed the green trail and the stone bridges will encounter small ponds created by the flowing waters and at the end of a long route there is one bigger pond to make a refreshing bath under the waterfall.
Bee canyon
The bee canyon is found below the village Kavalos. The name comes from the many bumble bees that existed. The road in the region has been built and it is a safe route through the river where visitors can enjoy the uniqueness of nature. Along you find ruins of old mills. This charming stroll will make you feel part of that age.
Next to the town of Lefkas and as you pass the bridge of the island you will find the lagoon. An important wetland just a breath away from the lucky residents who daily can enjoy a stroll or bike ride next to the miracle of nature. Beautiful birds like flamingos, pelicans and green ducks are some of those that you will see and admire. Inside lagoon there is a natural fish farm that residents are very proud because from there comes the excellent roe of Lefkas. That makes it stands out is that fishes fed without human intervention. Residents and tourists are very lucky because when they visit this place is like being in documentaries.
Forest of Skaros
It is a monument of great ecological importance. There are old trees that remain intact through the centuries. The forest got its name from the hull of the ship, because the centennial oak trees are used to manufacture the making of ships. The ride is fantastic as the view offered to the coastal villages and the prigiponissa is fantastic.
Santa Mavra’s castle
Built in the 13th century and was the administrative center for centuries until 1684 when it was the capital of the island. Located at the entrance of the bridge of Lefkas and stands out because it was very difficult to be conquered once surrounded by sea and marshy lands. Lefkas ‘marina
The island has one of the largest and most modern marinas in Greece. The facilities are high quality and satisfied even the most demanding visitor. It is not only for those who have boats but also for those who want to take a stroll in the beautiful cobbled streets with bridges across the length of marina or enjoy their coffee at cafés. Really is a spot worth visiting.
It is a trip to the myth and history. Scorpio is opposite the picturesque village of Nidri and bought by Aristotle Onassis. It became the paradise of the family and the distinguished personalities of that time.
The island planted trees from edge to edge with rare trees and for the beaches transferred sand from Lefkada. Today the capital Onassis closed and begins a new story since bought by a Russian tycoon on April 2013. The visitor can see the island on excursion boats from sea after not visiting within the island and swim to a beach where permitted.

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