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Lefkada Beaches The island is the ideal destination for those who are lovers of the sea and natural beauty. Countless beaches for every taste with turquoise and aquamarine waters will go crazy and the best painter.
It is no coincidence that every year beaches of Lefkada winning many awards in Greece and abroad internet sites. Let’s go meet with the major beaches.
We will start our journey from the west side of Lefkada, most beaches that we will know have fine golden sand and turquoise colors.
Amoglossa: located after the floating bridge of Lefkas. You turn right and after about 250 meters near the castle, you will encounter a sandy beach with fantastic colors, Amoglossa stands for typical sand size which is just like the lentil.
Distance from Lefkada 2km
Gira: is the beach you will find after the bridge of Lefkas. Access to the town of Lefkada has two roads, the main being the shortest and the round where there is the beach.It is beautiful with fine sand and azure waters. Also exists taverns along to enjoy your meal by the sea.
Distance from Lefkada 2km
Agios Ioannis: next to Lefkada town is Agios Ioannis. Except the crystal waters are well known for windsurfing and kite surfing. Each year is organized championship and athletes coming from the entire world. Futhermore there are schools on the beach to teach you the first steps to tame the waves of Agios Ioannis.
Distance from Lefkada 4km
Pefkoulia: is the first beach located after the town of Lefkada. It has a length of 2km with fine sand and clear blue waters. It is organized with sunbeds, taverns and beach bars. It is also a refuge for many campers.
Distance from Lefkada 9km
Agios Nikitas: one of the most cosmopolitan beaches of the island is the bay of Agios Nikitas. It is a heavenly bay with turquoise colors. Also it is an organized beach with sun beds and there are many taverns and coffee bars all around. Distance from Lefkada 13km Milos: right next to the beach of Agios Nikitas is Milos. You can go from the path which located to the predestined street of Agios Nikitas’ village or by boat from the beach of Agios Nikitas. There are frequent routes and the fare is too small. The place is unique, with turquoise waters and fine sand. When you go, you will not want to leave. One tip is to get the necessary supplies as there is no organized beach. Distance from Lefkada 13km Kathisma: it is one of the most famous beaches of Lefkas and Greece after winning several awards each year. Its length is about 1km, with fine sand and clear blue water. It is an ideal destination for youth with many beach bars and beach volley all along the beach. And for those who want to do something more extreme you can do paragliding and enjoy the beach from above.
Distance from Lefkada 16km
Yialos: located below the village Athani. That beach has a length of over 4 kilometers of fine sand and incredibly clear waters. There are two canteens for sandwiches and coffee. An ideal destination for those who want comfort and quiet on the beach
Distance from Lefkada 34km
Egremnoi: I consider that fairly every year awarded as one of the most beautiful beaches of Lefkas and Greece. It is an organized beach with sun beds and a canteen to provide you with everything you need. The landscape is unique with colors that you would not believe. Feature is a point as you go down when you meet for the first time the beach, you constantly hears exclamations from the tourists for its natural beauty facing. The only negative is that it should descend about 300 steps but trust me when you get there you will say it was worth the effort.
Distance from Lefkada 37km
Porto Katsiki: what to say and what to write about this beach, every year adorns several magazines around the world and awarded for best beach in Greece. Also it has won many awards in Europe. It is an organized beach and before get off you can enjoy your coffee and your food overlooking the sea. Distance from Lefkada 43km
The drive continues to the east of the island with characteristic pebbles, turquoise waters and lush vegetation. Ligia: The first beach you meet after the city of Lefkada is Ligia. The beach is pebbly, shallow and with crystal clear waters. Near the beach there are many taverns to enjoy fresh fish and many hotels for your stay. Distance from Lefkada 5km Nikiana: Beside the scenic harbor of Nikiana is the beach. It is ideal for families and for those who want to make games in the water, as the water doesn’t deepen suddenly.Apart from the main beach it is worth discovering the beauties of the village.
Distance from Lefkada 9km
Perigiali: beautiful beach near the settlement with turquoise waters and small pebbles. Located very close to Nidri just 1km and has wonderful views to Prigkiponissa..
Distance from Lefkada 15km
Nidri: it is one of the most cosmopolitan beaches of island. By having clear water with pebbles and looking out over the islands make it stand out from the rest. Gets very crowded especially during the summer months and for those who want to try water sports are the ideal destination.
Distance from Lefkada 16km
Desimi: Located very close to the picturesque village Vlycho. It is ideal for those who love to go canoeing because of the position which has neither waves nor wind.The visitors can explore the whole beach along discovering many surprises of natural beauty. Also it has much shade as the trees touch the sea.
Distance from Lefkada 23km
Mikros Yialos: beautiful beach with small pebbles and turquoise waters. It is an organized beach and there are many taverns and cafes around. Ideal for families and for those who prefer calm seas after rarely there is a strong wind blowing.
Distance from Lefkada 39km
Ammousa: is a very beautiful beach with tiny pebbles and turquoise waters. The bay that surrounds it makes it even more beautiful and mainly provides always calm sea. It is also an organized beach and there are nice taverns around to enjoy your food next to the sea.
Distance from Lefkada 35km
Vasiliki: The beach of surfers and not unfairly because every year organized many tournaments and international festivals of water sports. It is considered one of the ten best locations for surf. Also it is not only for professionals but also for those who want to try it for the first time. There are many schools that will teach you the basics to master the air of Vassiliki.
Distance from Lefkada 37km
Agiofili: for me personally is one of the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada with incredibly clear water that you can see a coin at 15 meters. All you have to do when get there is to provide yourselves snacks and coffee because you certainly would stay up at night because the natural beauty of the region and the incredible sea will not let you go. To get there you need to take one of the boats with very frequent routes from the village of Vassiliki with very small fare or you can go on mountain trails.
Distance from Lefkada 37km
Above we describe you the major beaches of Lefkada, but there are many others worth discovering. There are bays with sand and other larger to spend quiet away from the crowds. All you have to do is a simple exploration and will surely be rewarded by the result.
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